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Crystallite - the ultimate LaserTag system

The Crystallite LaserTag System

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Teenager and 6 year old boy with Crystallite phaser

Serious lasertag fun for all age groups from 6 to 66 (or older!) – the Crystallite System provides safe and fun entertainment by virtue of its long-established two-handed operation and rugged construction

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Radio-linked Home Base Target

  • Ample Solo or Team Gameplans
  • Score Monitor capability
  • Phaser firing range up to 35m
  • Up to four games can concurrently be booked
  • 868-920MHz radio loop range up to 200m
  • Editable event sounds and background music playlists
  • A range of interactive Arena Devices available at low cost
  • Supports a range of web-based booking utilities

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The Crystallite Pack

Example of Atrium Plus LaserTag equipment manufactured in UK for venues around the world

  • Simplicity, ease of use and lightness
  • suitable for all age groups
  • Vests adjust to fit all shapes and sizes
  • Pack weight only 2.5kg
  • Twin front triggers cater to left & right-handed
  • Wrist straps prevent phasers being dropped
  • Chest, back and shoulder pods glow gently in UV lighting
  • A total of 35 tri-colour LEDs provide team indication
  • Each pack has a total of 12 IR sensor modules – hits from all directions are ensured
  • A grenade launcher for the launch of fatal or 'single life' grenades
  • Triple-strength umbilical connection between phaser and vest
  • Stainless steel screws are used throughout Crystallite packs
  • Servicing? Phaser shell secured by a single screw
Newbury Family

AtriumPlus+ Control Software

  • Atrium Plus allows for the control of up to 80 packs, 4 Home Bases and 12 Midi-Its (see below). Handicaps are quickly and easily created and edited and many on-board gameplans can be modified using the handicaps.
  • You may enter players by name, or with Quick-Enter. Players may have aliases assigned manually or automatically – new aliases can be automatically saved.
  • Your own choice of event sounds, backing tracks/playlists and score form logos can be assigned and edited, as can score monitor background graphics.
  • Different points values can be assigned for types of game event – you may opt to print score forms individually or automatically.
  • Import games from a central booking system and export scores after games. This requires a simple low-cost package from one of our associates. Or you may write your own – all the data is available for you to use!

Ancilliaries – The Home Base

Home Base Target
  • The Home Base can be used in a variety of ways, all programmable via Atrium Plus. Supplied in a tough wall-mounting case, this unit features a 100mm red/green seven segment display, large illuminated LCD display, relay outputs for the various Home Base events during a game, remote trigger input, remote IR output (for hitting those pesky players who are hiding). There may be a maximum of two pairs of Home Bases, but the usual procedure is to have just the one pair
  • Game plans include Home Base Defence and Home Base Target
  • One pair of these units is required in order to play Capture/Carry the Flag gameplans. Plans and other parameters are all selectable via the Home Bases Tab in Atrium Plus set up
  • Apart from the Flag gameplans, other Home Base game plans include Home Base Defence and Home Base Target
  • A system may have one or two pairs of Home Base targets

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Ancilliaries – The Midi-IT

Configurable Midi-IT
  • The Midi-IT offers ten separate functions:
    •     Recharge Station tops up players lives
    •     Target - hit to score points
    •     Add 10 Lives
    •     Add 100 shots
    •     Make Player Invincible
    •     Make Player Invisible
    •     Wildcard Mine - Costs 'hit' players one life
    •     Fatal Mine - immediately takes all lives of nearby players
    •     Time Bomb - gives players in vicinity 5 seconds warning
    •     Jail - used for player discipline
  • Active and dwell times programmable via AtriumPlus+
  • Active for red, green or both teams
  • Effect relay and IR emitters output
  • Radio-linked, as for the Home Bases
  • Up to 12 in a system
  • External trigger input

Ancilliaries – The Mini-IT

The Mini-IT is the original ultra-low cost arena device on a ball-joint mount, with five programmable functions, as follows:

  • Recharge Station tops up players lives
  • Wildcard Mine - Costs 'hit' players one life
  • Fatal Mine - immediately takes all lives of nearby players
  • Time Bomb Mine - gives players in vicinity 5 seconds warning
  • Jail - keeps quarantined/jailed player inactive for his/her 'sentence'!
  • The active time is programmable
  • A Outputs provided for driving external equipment and IR emitters
  • Active to red, green or both teams
  • A very old picture of a Mini-IT. On current production the mounting is all-black

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Crystallite System Price List

 Crystallite Component Part Prices GBP (£) Euros
 Base Cost - USB Interface - 20m arena data cable - Arena Transceiver 648 745
 Crystallite Phaser and Vest, storage bracket and charging cable 990 1139
 SC1 6 channel charger 220 253
 Mini-IT multifunction wall-mounted arena device 148 170
 Midi-IT radio- linked 14 function wall-mounted arena device 245 282
 Home Base Target radio-linked interactive target 765 880
 Crystallite pack without vest 477 549
Crystallite Complete System Prices
 6 pack Crystallite system (includes 2 Mini-Its) 6588 7576
 12 pack Crystallite system (includes 4 Mini-Its) 12528 14407
 18 pack Crystallite system (includes 4 Mini-Its, 2 HomeBase Targets) 18468 21238
 24 pack Crystallite system (includes 4 Mini-Its, 2 Midi-Its, 2 HomeBase Targets) 24408 28069
 30 pack Crystallite system (includes 6 Mini-Its, 4 Midi-Its, 2 HomeBase Targets) 30348 34900
 36 pack Crystallite system (includes 8 Mini-Its, 4 Midi-Its, 4 HomeBase Targets) 36288 41731
 48 pack Crystallite system (includes 8 Mini-Its, 6 Midi-Its, 4 HomeBase Targets) 48168 55393
 Prices subject to large discounts to approved customers
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