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General FAQs

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Am I obliged to take out a maintenance and intellectual copyright licence contract?

No. When you purchase a system it is yours, including free software upgrades for life. A low-cost maintenance contract is available but most, if not all of our customers find that failures are so rare and replacement parts costs so low that they manage without such an agreement.


We guarantee all our equipment for 12 months from the date of purchase.


Our equipment is almost totally free of routine maintenance – all you need to do is to perform regular inspections for damage by unruly players. If you have to return anything to us for attention, then the turnaround is generally within 48 hours.


With 25+ years experience in this business we have seen what can and does go wrong. Unlike any other laser tag manufacturer we know of, we think we are alone in that all manufacturing is done in house. We do not sub-contract any stage of the manufacturing process - more than 30 years of experience has given us a variety of skills that other suppliers would be hard put to match.

Why are your prices so low?

Quite simply, we are manufacturers first and foremost - we are not just a sales company who buys in a product from sub-contactors. We make, on our own premises, all of the equipment using in-house facilities. Part of the cost savings are because there are no middleman costs and because LaserVenture products benefit from the volume buying capabilities of Sequoia Developments.

Crystallite System

What size system do I need?

This will depend on a) arena floor area and b) budget. As a very rough guide, the density of packs might typically be one pack per 10 m2 – higher densities are quite acceptable. The number of packs will also depend on the arena design itself. We are pleased to offer a free arena design service on confirmed orders.

What Arena Accessories should I have?

The simplest and smallest systems might get by with just a couple of Mini-Its programmed as recharge stations. The accepted norm is for one pair of Home Bases, two or more Midi-Its, probably programmed as targets, then at least four Mini-Its, two programmed as Recharge Stations and two programmed as Mines. All three types of unit feature in scoring.

How long does a charged battery last?

A fully charged battery is good for at least one full session and at least 20 hours in standby mode.

What is battery life?

With the recent introduction of the SC1 Smart Charger (supplied with all packs) we now expect batteries to last at least two years. This is of course subject to the quality of the original cells used.

What is the range of a Crystallite Phaser?

Around 30m.

Can I customise the Score Monitor?


Can I integrate The Crystallite System with LaserMaze?



Which is the lowest cost system?

Any red original system is going to be slightly less expensive than the new SMPS type. But note - you may not later add green lasers. If you want to start with a red system and then expand it by adding green lasers later on, you should opt for the tiny additional expense of the SMPS system.

How long does it take to set the system up?

One the lasers have been manually aligned with the receivers, the auto association process takes just a few seconds.

Can more than one play?

Any number of players can be in the maze at any time, but there is no way that the system can detect who broke which beam. If you must have multiple players at a time, then why not divide them into teams?

Will the system work with a touch screen?


Can I customise the Score Monitor?


Are moving lasers available?

Well they could be, but the market for this type of feature is extremely limited and the cost rockets. So, simple answer – no!

Can LaserMaze be transported?

We have many systems installed in trailers and working well. We have a number of customers who have made their system transportable, but apart from the need to protect plugs and sockets, each time the maze is moved, then it needs to be re-aligned. Totally possible if you have a real need for transportability – advice available if required...

Can I integrate LaserMaze with the Crystallite System?



How many targets can there be?

Between 10 and 20. In principle you may have less than 10 targets but that is unusual.

How many phasers can play?

Between 2 and 20.

How are the targets mounted?

The targets have fixing holes at the edges. Many users use Velcro so that the targets can easily be demounted.

What phasers do I need?

All Crystallite phasers can be switched in a trice to CTarget mode. Customers who operate LaserTag and CTarget often go to the slight extra expense of vestless phasers that they can then leave in CTarget Mode.

Health and Safety

What about laser safety?

All our equipment meets the relevant EU and FDA laser emission standards. Our Risk Assessment can be found under Instructions and Guides.

Arena Safety

This is only likely to be an issue when playing lasertag. Good Marshall supervision is a must. Running players can damage themselves and/or equipment. Unruly players can of course be 'sent to jail' for a programmable period!