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LaserVenture offers simple and low cost solutions to all your laser game needs.

LaserTag from GBP5900 (6785€),
LaserMaze from GBP2750 (3162€) or
CTarget from GBP1450 (1667€).

Our equipment delivers innovation and a high level of durability.

Our Customers

LaserVenture have customers in 47 countries, including 23 EU – we have the distinction of having supplied royalty!

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Laser game equipment manufactured in UK by LaserVenture
LaserVenture for laser products manufactured in UK


Crystallite systems include: 6-80 lasertag packs and vests with charging leads and storage racks - 6 channel SC1 high performance charging stations and power supplies - PC Interface and Arena Transceiver, plus 20m or more of data cable - two or more Mini-IT versatile arena devices .

The AtriumPlus scoring and control software (free upgrades for life) includes a variety of Gameplans, editable handicapping system, for import/export from to external scoring systems, coupled with remote score monitor utility ensuring complete flexibility.

Optional extras include, the Mini-IT, the Midi-IT and the Home Base ensure that your players will have plenty to occupy them! These devices can act as Recharge Stations, Shots/Lives Top-up, three different types of mine etc.

Pricing examples

8 pack system GBP5900
12 pack system GBP8300
24 pack system GBP24950 email us for bargain prices

We accept payment by bank transfer and PayPal

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LaserMaze products manufactured in UK by LaserVenture


LaserMaze is the ultimate in ‘Mission Impossible’ style laser maze games. Available in red, green, or a mix of colours, each system can have from 6 channels upwards, with a maximum of 32 lasers. The control software, PinPoint, includes free lifetime upgrades.

LaserMaze is self-install and around 1/6 of the cost of booth-based systems. Installation is quick and easy.

Incredible pricing! Small original (red only) systems may be purchased from less than GBP1750 (€2000) (8 lasers) - SMPS systems with green (and/or red) lasers start from GBP3899 (€4475) (8 red lasers, 8 green lasers). Generally LaserMaze up to 32 channels can be supplied from stock.

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CTarget lasertag  products manufactured in UK


CTarget is a simple and very popular game along the lines of the ‘hit the mole’ arcade game. Using up to 20 targets, it can be played with Crystallite phasers (fitted with vests or not).

Customers often purchase Crystallite and LaserMaze system together, sometimes they purchase all three, adding to the excitement at their venue.

Ideal for mobile (transportable) use - CTarget can be set up very quickly.

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