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Low-cost self-install LaserMaze systems

LaserMaze – a game for all seasons

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LaserMaze at Summer Palace of Crown Prince of Dubai

Imagine a leisure obstacle game along the lines of ‘Mission Impossible’ or ‘Entrapment’ and there you have LaserMaze (some say 'Laser Maze'!). Every system has a number of lasers, red and/or green that play their beams across the ‘maze’. When a player breaks a beam it prompts a programmable event sound and the player will lose points and time.

Such a system is a must in an escape room project.

Of course, the beams do not need to be at angles – they can be at varying heights and/or parallel.

We offer you a variety of LaserMaze deals, potentially less than 1/6 of the cost of a 'boothed' system. The self-install package that is delivered to you (worldwide) can be installed in a matter of hours, if your play area has been prepared.

Theming for your LaserMaze is totally within your own remit. Here is a prehistoric jungle at the Summer Palace of the Crown Prince of Dubai. Just 16 lasers but very, very effective – and is against the background of a system also installed along with the dinosaurs! Europa Park in southern Germany called their system ‘The Queen’s Jewels’, using packing cases to create extra obstacles.

LaserMaze systems are perfectly safe, due to the use of Class 3R lasers. No regular maintenance is required - all you need to supply is PC and monitor(s), a small sound system and a small fog/haze machine.

The very attractive new control program, PinPoint V2, allows you to edit program images, and background+event sounds, to set up coin acceptors, vary the price charged per game and to monitor sales. With each system, we supply vandal-proof heavy-dutyStart and Stop switches

Use the Midway mode to double the length of the game so that the return journey is made through a different set of beams and maybe at a higher skill level. Also, you may use the auxiliary outputs on the Laser group Box to control external effects and/or a smoke/haze machine.

LaserMaze – System Types

We offer two types of LaserMaze - the Flush Mount SMPS ( Red and/or Green ) System and the original (now the lower cost Budget) Red only system

SMPS System Modules

LaserMaze – a game for all seasons

The LaserMaze Flush Mount system was especially designed to be mounted in the sidewalls of the play area. This removed the risk of players accidentally misaligning Laser and Receiver modules that were not protected from impact, and effectively increases the play area by up to 300mm. As the Flush Mount modules are less than 75mm deep, they can easily be recessed into a stud and panel wall.

The SMPS (Switch-Mode Power Supply) system used in the Flush Mount modules means that the power consumption for all the types of laser that we use is minimised. The novel mounting of the lasers allows the ranges of angle of the laser beam to be increased from the old +/- 17 degrees to a much more flexible +/- 43 degrees. Flush Mount modules are less than 75mm deep. The lasers are easy to adjust, using a special tool that is provided.

SMPS Flush Mount Sample Prices GBP (£) Euros
Base Cost - Group Boxes, Interface, PSU, Cabling etc 1239 1425
Additional Group Box Pair for 17 - 32 channels 821 944
Red Laser+Receiver 228 262
Green Laser+Receiver 294 338
8 Red Lasers 3063 3522
8 Green Lasers 3591 4130
12 Lasers - 6 Red + 6 Green 4371 5027
16 Lasers Red + 8 Green 5415 6227
16 Green Lasers 5943 6834
20 Lasers - 10 Red + 10 Green 7280 8372
20 Green Lasers 7940 9131
24 Lasers - 12 Red + 12 Green 8324 9573
24 green Lasers 9116 10483
32 Lasers - 16 Red Lasers - 16 Green 10412 11974
32 Green Lasers 11468 13188
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The possibility exists for further expansion of any system to greater than 32 channels

We can usually ship from stock or within a few days - all orders are shipped via UPS, ensuring that your new system arrives promptly

Euro prices are based on 1.15 Euros= 1 GBP - subject to change - please check with us before placing your order - we want your custom and will always offer you the best possible price for your location.

A red and green laser system

Although the green lasers are a little more expensive then its red counterpart, you can both gain some saving, while adding to the visual pleasure of the game, by using a mix of red and green lasers. We have ensure that the optical brightness of all the laser we used is as well matched as possible

There is only one type of receiver, which will function perfectly with all types of laser colour. In PinPoint V2you can identify and record which channel (laser) is red or green, thus making the writing of your own pattern programs even easier.

If you look at the SMPS price list, you will find that a 50/50 mixed system will cost about 10% less than an all-green system.

Blue Lasers, you ask? Yes, they are available, but we are not offering this colour until the price of blue lasers has fallen to a level that would make blue lasers economic. But if you really want blue, then why not ask for a quotation

The Original LaserMaze system

The original red only system is still a superb bargain and we have reduced our prices considerably. Possibly a little easier to install than the SMPS system, it is rugged and reliable. Our spare parts sales are practically zero!

The original red-only LaserMaze System

See an original system in action - watch this video of a red LaserMaze in Poland? We have sold LaserMaze systems to 47 countries around the world.

Original (Red Only) System Prices GBP (£) Euros
Base Cost - see 'Hardware' below 1239 1425
Laser+Receiver Pair 180 207
Extra Group Box set for > 16 lasers 714 821
8 Laser System 2679 3081
10 Laser System 3039 3495
12 Laser System 3399 3909
16 Laser System 4119 4737
20 Laser System 5553 6386
24 Laser System 6273 7214
32 Laser System 7713 8870
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Additional Features

LaserMaze is not such a simple system as you may deduce from the information you have read so far. What else can you do with the product? Consider our PinPoint software, which is the control program for LaserMaze. It is free issue, with free upgrades for life.

PinPoint V2 Main Window with a game playing

Beam Patterns – Up to 20 can be created at each of the three Skill Levels (see next topic).

Skill Level– Easy, Regular, Hard – you can manually or automatically create your own sets of beam patterns using pre-determined number of lasers.

You can double the length (and duration) of the game by using the Midway function, which allows the player to get to the end of the maze and then, instead of the game stopping when the Stop button is pressed, the player will then return through the maze, optionally with a different beam pattern and maybe a harder skill level.

Score Monitor – you can display game status and previous scores like below here. All graphics may be edited by you.

PinPoint V2 Scoreboard

You may use a Touch Screen to book in players and start games...

Fast Track Window

Background and Game Event sounds can be assigned and edited as you wish. A utility is provided for smoke/haze machine control, including warm-up, smoking and interval periods, plus manual smoking.

LaserMaze – The Hardware

  • Here you can see the essentials of the LaserMaze hardware. Each system consists of:
  • A pair of Group boxes, one for the Lasers and one for the Receivers. System over 16 channels have two pairs of group boxes.
  • A power supply and USB PC interface.
  • A number of pairs of lasers and receivers. Each module is on a heavy-duty balljoint, allowing the laser beams to be pointed exactly where you wish
  • Interconnecting Cat5 cables for the Group Boxes.
  • Cable, RJ connectors, plus a cable tool and cable tester so that all the cables can easily be measured, cut to size, crimped and tested.
  • A 16 channel system arrives in a compact box weighing just 15kg. Full instructions and also a ‘Fast Track’ set of instructions are on our downloads pages

LaserMaze – Auxiliary Features

Receiver Group Box – this has eight auxiliary inputs for the (included) heavy duty vandalproof start and stop switches and a variety of other uses.

Laser Group Box – eight auxiliary outputs are provided, that are triggered by game events such as start, stop, beam break and midway. There is also an output to control a smoke machine.

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